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The Purpose of your Driving Test

What is the Purpose of Your Driving Test?

  • The driving test is designed to establish whether you....

  • know the Rules of the Road;
  • have the knowledge and skill to drive competently in accordance with those rules;
  • drive with due regard for the safety and convenience of other road users.

Preparing for Your Driving Test

You should:

  • study the Rules of the Road book carefully;
  • seek the assitance of a Registered Driving Instructor(ADI )
  • practise driving as much as possible on all types of road and in all types of traffic situations, including driving at night;
  • build up your driving experience and confidence before applying for your test.

The DrivingTest

The driving test is straight forward. For cars it will last about 40 minutes and will include:

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Typical Questions

Road Signs

Hand Signals


Cockpit Checks

Engine Fluid Level Checks

  • Right and Left hand turns;
  • Turnabout in the road;
  • Reverse around a corner;
  • Hill start;
  • Approximately five miles under a variety of road and traffic conditions

Some of the aspects of your driving that will be assessed will include:

  • Road positioning and overtaking;
  • Observation and use of mirrors;
  • Your use of signals;
  • Your observance of traffic lights, road signs and road markings;
  • The correct use of the vehicle controls (accelerator, clutch, gears, brakes and steering)and of the secondary controls such as wipers , de-misters, etc.

Passengers other than the driver tester and / or Department Officers are not permitted to acompany you in the vehicle during the practical test.

Note: A supervisory tester may accompany the tester - this is quite normal.

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