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Motorway Driving

Every day in ireland thousands of commuters are using our growing motorway network.

All major cities in ireland are now connected by motorway.

Although motorways are statistically the safest way of moving large volumes of traffic, there are still risks to drivers who use them.


In the same way that your car needs to be in good condition, you also need to be fit and alert to drive on a motorway.

The higher speeds on motorways mean that things can happen very quickly – a moment’s lapse of concentration could have severe consequences.

Prepare for your journey properly and plan where you can take a break from driving.

Before you begin a motorway journey, make sure your vehicle

  • Is fit to carry out the journey at motorway speeds,
  • The correct tyre pressure,
  • Enough oil and coolant, and,
  • Has enough fuel to at least take you to the next service station,

Also make sure that any loads carried or towed are secure and that you have enough money or a suitable pass if you are using a tolled motor way.

Motorway Information Signs

All motorway signs are blue.

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