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What are blind spots?

Blind spots are the areas that are not visible, either in your normal zone of vision or in your three mirrors.
There are a number of blind spots in a normal car but generally there are two major ones.
One on the left hand side of your car just over your left shoulder and one on the right hand side of your car just over your right shoulder.

When should you check your blind spots?

There are a few times that you must always check your blind spots;

Before moving away from a stationary position.
If you need to change lanes going left or right.
When taking the third or more exit off a roundabout.

When driving normally your position should be in the centre of your lane (if you are in any other lane other than the one beside the kerb) or slightly to the left if you are driving in the lane beside the kerb.
You should be approximately 12 to 18 inches from the side of the road.

A good way of checking if you are in the correct position is if there are double yellow lines then you should be outside the line nearest to you.

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