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Your Tyres

Check your tyre pressures:
The correct tyre pressures can be found on a panel just inside the driver's door. A good pressure gauge pump is needed to pump more air into the tyres.

Check your tyres for damage:
To check your tyres for damage you will need to examine the wall of each tyre for cuts, scrapes or abrasions. Damage to the wall of the tyre could compromise the integrity of the tyre. Also check for nails or sharp objects that may be stuck in the tyre threads.

Check your tyres thread depth:
The minimum legal requirement for your tyres thread depth is 1.6mm.
You can check this by running your finger along the inside of the thread itself. There you will feel a small nodule. This nodule is 1.6mm from the base of the thread. If your tyre threads are level with the nodule then your tyre is classed as bald and must be replaced immediately.

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