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How do I deal with road works?

Road works like any other obstruction are hazards and knowing how to deal with them safely is very important. You will meet different types of traffic controls depending on how big or small the road works are.

Traffic Cones are used where the works stretch out into the road only a small amount. You should deal with the traffic cones in the same way that you would deal with any other stationary vehicle. If the traffic cones are on your side of the road then you must be prepared to give the right of way to any oncoming traffic.

Manual signals can be used if the road works are on a bend. They can be made up of Two workers each with a stop - go pole, using radio equipment to communicate with each other. With the two workers you must obey the sign of the worker you can see. They will know when it is safe for you to proceed into the road ahead.

They can be temporary traffic lights set with a timer. With the temporary traffic lights, you obey the traffic lights as normal. You will see a sign as you approach the temporary traffic light saying "when red light shows stop here". Before moving off again do not forget to check your mirrors and blind spot, check for any cyclists or motorcyclists that may have moved up beside you without you hearing them.

They can be an automated traffic sign that tells you to stop or go. With the automated traffic sign you must stay back from the sign when it says stop (approx two car lengths).

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