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Pupils Comments

Ciaran was an amazing teacher. He always had time for me, good humor and patience. He was always willing to spend a few extra minutes answering question and giving tips at the end of the hour, he never rushed me. He is really good at his job and you can see he enjoys it a lot.
Sylwia May 2019

I cannot say enough great things about Ciaran. I passed my test first time in Mulhuddart last Saturday, after getting a cancellation test date with less than 2 weeks notice. This was completely down to Ciaran's fantastic advice and support. His smiley manner and style of teaching from the very first lesson put me at ease and built up my confidence; a passionate professional through and through. He explains everything so clearly, and will honestly advise you as to when to apply for the test, so that you won't have a negative experience of failing and losing your money. He never expressed an ounce of negativity or criticism, instead choosing to patiently focus on each detail of your driving so that you will be safe, competent and confident, long past when you pass the test itself. I am actually sad that my lessons with him have come to and end, and will be shouting his praises to everyone I know who needs an instructor!
Fiona May 2019

I would 100% recommend Ciaran, he helped both myself and my husband pass the tests. He's so helpful, patient, flexible and professional from the start to finish, it's been an incredible journey. Thank you so much Ciaran, couldn't have done this without your help. All the best!
Cherrie May 2019

I passed my first driving test today. I would recommend Ciaran 100%. From the start his professional and calm approach helped to learn to be a competent and confident driver. His explanations and indications were clear. He is patient, friendly and encouraging. As a foreigner it really helped me taking all this knowledge in. He was very flexible with my complex schedule. Thanks a mil Ciaran!
Chris May 2019

Ciaran is a very patient and knowledgeable instructor. I did my initial 12 lessons with him and then some pre-test lessons which helped me to pass on my first attempt. He has a great manner and his techniques for completing the test manoeuvres were spot on. I would definitely recommend Ciaran to a a friend. Thanks again.
Lorna May 2019

Passed my test with Ciaran. He was very patient and took the time to teach me in a way that suited me. Thanks for all your help i was a very nervous driver at the beginning
Sian April 2019

I passed my test thanks to Ciaran’s dedication, patience and kindness which put me at ease and helped me get the most from my lessons. Ciaran went above and beyond the call of duty to help this nervous driver pass her test!! Thanks Ciaran!
Aoife April 2019

Thanks a million Ciaran for helping me to pass my driving test . Ciaran is a calm, patient & friendly instructor.I highly recommend Ciaran.
Sheeba April 2019

I passed my test in Finglas on Wednesday last thanks to the guidance I received from Ciarán. Ciarán was incredibly friendly, calm and patient with me from the very start and I found the lessons very enjoyable. My confidence grew from the very first lesson and I was delighted to pass first time. I cannot recommend Ciarán highly enough. Thanks Ciarán
Robbie April 2019

Highly recommend Ciaran: he is super patient, very professional, has a great sense of humor and most importantly - he knows his stuff!
Donata March 2019

Highly recommend Ciaran, such a gentlemen, comfortable from day one, I started out with no driving experience at all and 7 months later I have now got my full licence thanks again Lisa.
Lisa Feb 2019

Ciaran is an amazing teacher, I would highly recommend him to anyone!. He's very clear, calm and patient and has very good teaching skills. I got my first driving licence in Ireland thanks to him who helped me getting rid of my bad habits in driving. Thanks!
Elias Feb 2019

I had an awful experience with another instructor and at the verge of giving up driving. Thankfully, a close friend of mine introduced me to Ciaran. On our very first lesson, he taught me the importance of driving calmly, as he said it should not be stressful. He's perfect as a Driving instructor; very calm, extremely patient, exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. He would point out my mistakes and correct them in the nicest way so my confidence would not be shattered. Through his way of teaching, I became a confident and competent driver. I passed the test on my first take in Finglas, thanks to his patience, great way of teaching and encouragement. I recommend him to my friends and learner drivers out there.
Kathleen Feb 2019

Ciaran is a brilliant instructor. He is very patient and explains everything with the logic and reason behind it. A super friendly and optimistic person who will make your lessons interesting. Definitely recommend doing your EDT with Ciaran ! Thank you Ciaran!
Bhawna Jan 2019

Excellent driving instructor. I was extremely nervous but was immediately put at ease and thoroughly shown how to do everything. Would recommend lessons with Ciaran to everyone.
Amy Jan 2019

I passed my driving test on my first time thanks to Ciaran. Ciaran is a fantastic supportive driving instructor, very patient and friendly, I couldn't recommend him enough.
Aoife Jan 2019

I couldn't recommend Ciarán highly enough! As a first time driver who really didn't know much about driving Ciarán put me completely at ease. He is calm, patient and clear in his instructions. Following everything Ciarán taught me and with attention to detail the driving test really isn't as scary as you image. Thanks a million Ciarán!
Ciara July 2018

On first meeting with Ciaran, I had already failed two driving tests & had experienced two mediocre driving instructors. I was extremely nervous at the thoughts of doing it all again. Little did I know, I didn't need to be nervous. From my 1st lesson with Ciaran I felt at ease in the driver seat. He exudes an aura of calm throughout each lesson and provides feedback in a very encouraging way. His enthusiasm for driving has rubbed off on me completely & I now actually enjoy driving (something which I never thought I'd say) Thanks Ciaran for making me a confident driver.
Aoife May 2018

Finally passed my driving test. I had two lessons (four hours all together) with Ciarán. He is the most patient driving instructor I have known. I will strongly recommend him to anyone who wants to pass their driving test. Thanks a million Ciarán.
Wuyu April 2018

Passed my test on Saturday thanks to Ciarán. From the very first lesson you have with him, he makes you feel calm while learning to drive. He explains everything bit by bit and so clearly which makes it a lot easier to become a competent driver by the end of your lessons. If you follow everything he teaches you, the driving test is no problem.
Matthew February 2018

I highly recommend Ciaran, he is an incredible professional. I have passed in FINGLAS, FIRST time. His patience and thorough way of teaching were fundamental for succeeding in my test in the first attempt. Thanks a million Ciaran.
Cristina February 2018

I passed my test after taking a dozen of lessons with Ciaran. I would recommend Ciaran 100%, in particular to somebody who just started learning how to drive and who is a little nervous. He is patient, professional and to the point. Every class is spend fixing certain areas of weakness and focus on small improvements. Ciaran is flexible and would accommodate your personal circumstances as well.
Zhen November 2017

Ciaran, thanks for all the guidance you provided me during the sessions. They really helped me in pass the test. As far as recommendations are concerned, Ciaran is really friendly and a person with a lot of patience. He doesn't mind telling you the same thing again and again. He will repeat the same thing repeatedly with a lot of patience until it's done right. Once again, thanks Ciaran. -
Sid November 2017

Ciaran is a superb instructor he's calm manner really helped me feel calm and relaxed in the car from first learning to drive to then helping me improve as time went on to passing my test. I would highly recommend anyone to get there lessons with Ciaran.
Lauren October 2017

Hey Ciaran, Glad to inform you that I cleared my driving test today. Great learning experience. Every single minute observation and comment from you helped me to improve my driving and helped me to unlearn the bad habits of driving. Many thanks to you.. Regards Manish.
Manish October 2017

Ciaran thank you so much for your wonderful driving lessons you taught me which made me to drive confidently and safely. I highly recommend lessons with CIARAN who focuses on areas you need to improve and his calm approach really help to buildup the necessary skills to pass the driving test and to drive safely in your whole life.
Recommending Ciaran's lessons 100%
Tessy September 2017

Passed my test in Finglas! Ciaran is an excellent instructor and very patient and knowledgeable. After doing lessons & pre-tests with Ciarans feedback I was able to improve on areas I was weak. Thanks again Ciaran for all your help!
Rory September 2017

I have just passed my driving test on first attempt under the mentorship of Ciaran Morrison. I would recommend him for first time learners as he is a calm and great teacher which will boost your confidence.
Thank you Ciaran.
Celine June 2017

Even the best driving skills need a guidance, thanks a million Ciaran without your guidance this would not have been possible. Keep up the good work.
Manoj May 2017

Massive thanks to Ciaran who helped me pass my test first time ! Very patient, calm and knowledgable instructor with excellent teaching abilities. I've recommended him to all of my friends and would recommend him to anyone else looking to learn to drive !
Daragh April 2017

Just passed my driving test first time with Ciaran as my mentor! He was very patient from the start and was easy to work with. I would highly recommend him to learner drivers of any capabilities
Eoghan February 2017

Ciaran is a competent instructor! He prepared me well for the test that I passed on the first try. I certainly recommend him to any person that wants to learn how to drive and pass the test. Thanks Ciaran!
Antonio February 2017

Passed my test with many thanks to Ciaran. Ciaran gave me the confidence and encouragement I needed. Ciaran's lessons are very informative which helped improve my driving.
Thanks again Ciaran. Lisa January 2017
Lisa January 2017

Passed my driving test with ciaran! So happy! I was very nervous but he gave me the confidence I needed. I would highly recommend ciaran to anyone wanting to pass their driving test.
Hazel December 2016

I have just passed my test first time and I would just like to say that I would not have achieved this without Ciarans lessons. I was brought from practically zero experience to passing my test in less than 5 months. Ciaran exemplifies everything a instructor should be, he is calm, collective and the most patient person I've every met. I would definitely recommend Ciaran to anyone. Thanks for everything Ciaran.
Matthew November 2016

Ciarán is a brilliant driving instructor. He is patient and explains how to drive in such a simple manner. He is dedicated and I would recommend him to anyone. I am delighted to have passed my test first time with flying colours. Thanks Ciarán!
Robyn November 2016

I found that Ciaran was an excellent driving instructor. He was patient and calm in the car, which definitely helped settle the nerves and was very helpful with any questions I had. He is very knowledgable about the rules of the road and also the test itself. I was delighted to pass first time and would absolutely recommend Ciaran to anyone beginning to learn how to drive.
Claire November 2016

I passed my driving test first time thanks to Ciaran. Ciaran is a very calm, patient and excellent driving instructor. I would highly recommend Ciaran to anyone.
Jennifer October 2016

I passed the test after 3 lessons with Ciaran. I found him helpful and he gave great tips and best at explaining things. I highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much for your help.
Ribka October 2016

I am absolutely delighted and fortunate to learn from Ciaran. Ciaran is the most patient, calm and kind person I have met. He is so patient and very good at explaining the tips and rules of safe driving. I passed the test with ease. Thanks for all your help Ciaran. I highly recommend him to anyone.
Lincy September 2016

Just passed my test with flying colours first attempt after using Ciarán. I found him extremely helpful and goes above and beyond to help you. Had great technique whenever I had any issue. Will recommend him to all my friends and family going forward. Myself and my girlfriend have both passed first time having used him.
Dan September 2016

I'm happy to recommend Ciarán to anyone wishing to learn to drive. He is 'calm' personified and very encouraging and supportive throughout the process. I'm delighted to have passed the test first go thanks to Ciaráns help and tutoring.
Kay September 2016

Just passed my test today so happy with it! As I was very apprehensive about sitting my test Ciaran gave me the confidence and the support I needed to pass it. Ciaran has a great sense of humour and has a great way of teaching. I would highly recommend him.
Shauna September 2016

Ciaran is the most patient man I have ever met, he is always in good form and you can see he is very dedicated to his teaching. He makes you feel like you are the only student he has and builds up confidence in your ability so quickly. Passing the test is obviously of huge importance but his teaching methods and tips make you a safe driver on the road for life. Thank you Ciaran, highly recommended for all age groups wanting to learn how to drive.
Orla September 2016

I would most definately recommend Ciaran for anyone learning to drive. He explained everthing very clearly, had massive patience and most importantly gave me great confidence that I could pass my test.
Thanks Ciaran!
Richie August 2016

Excelent instructor. As an immigrant I found his english very clear and easy to understand. Got the driving license after doing only the 12 classes. Would highly recommend Ciaran to anybody.
Mathias August 2016

Ciarán is an excellent driving teacher, he is always very informative, and most importantly, patient and kind. I would highly recommend, and already have recommend, the driving school to my friends. If you are looking for a comprehensive, friendly driving teacher, Ciaran is definitely the right choice!
Alannah August 2016

Absolutely delighted to have gotten the oppertunity to learn from Ciaran. Thrilled to have passed and will be sure to recommend him to friends in the future.
Declan August 2016

I'll definitely recommend Ciaran to anyone looking to pass their driving test. With his help I was confident going in to do the test and I passed with ease. He is very kind, patient and takes his time to explain every step of the way. A great part about passing the test is confidence, he knows how to build ones confidence. Thanks for all the help Ciaran!
William August 2016

Passed the test in first attempt ... thanks to Ciaran for the excellent coaching and helpful tips. He is very patient and explains clearly the need to do things rather than just expecting you to know it... thanks a lot Ciaran... highly recommend him to anyone who needs training...
Roy August 2016

Ciaran was a great help with every aspect of driving. He shows you everything you will need to pass your test and go on to be a safe and competent driver. He is calm and patient which is a great help in difficult situations and helps put you at ease and not get too nervous. I passed my test first time and know he can he lp others pass their test first time as well. I Highly recommend Ciaran and couldn't think of anyone better to use as an instructor.
Evan August 2016

Thank you for everything you have done for me Ciaran. I couldn't have asked for a more compotent driving instructor. Best of luck with your next students
Louis July 2016

Thanks Ciaran for getting me through the driving test. I was very nervous of doing the test and he helped me get the confidence I needed. Would 100% recommend him :)
Clara July 2016

Ciaran Morrison of A&C Driving School deserves major credit for helping me pass my driving test. Problems with nerves during the test, driving techniques and getting inside knowledge on what testers look for were all covered. He is adept at using gentle humour to put you at ease, while having an eagle eye for where you can improve. Anyone looking for a driving Instructor - contact Ciaran today.
Ryan July 2016

I just passed my test today, first time, thanks to Ciaran. He explains everything very well, keeps calm and gives you all the support and confidence you could need. I'd highly recommend him to anybody. Thanks a million!
Jordan May 2016

I couldn't recommend Ciarán highly enough. Over the years I have encountered several instructors and Ciarán easily surpassed them all. Clear, concise, calm, attentive, prepared and supportive. No wonder I passed my test first time around, and I started to learn in my forties."
Fearghas March 2016

Ciaran is an excellent driving instructor, he is very patient, reliable, punctual and encouraging. As I'd driven before in my own country for 10 years, he helped me to correct bad habits and improve my driving. Also he built up my confidence as I got really nervous to do the test.
Can't say thank you enough Ciaran for all your help. I highly recommend him.
Fernanda March 2016

As a quite a nervous driver, I was sure it would take me a while to pass my test.
A friend recommended Ciaran and I am delighted that she did. Ciaran explained everything to me so I was not just learning things off, but understanding how to drive safely. Ciaran was very patient and encouraging. I passed the driving test today in my first sitting and can't recommend Ciaran enough. Thank you !
Nicole March 2016

Excelent instructor, excelent person. Ciaran explains very well what to do and what not do about driving. Very regardful, he knows what he is doing which makes everything easy to learn.
I strongly recommend the A&C Driving School. Thanks Ciaran for all.
Flavio March 2016

I just passed my test with the help of Ciaran. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor. I passed first time with Ciaran and I would recomend him to anyone. He is really nice, approachable, always excited to hear new questions and always has an answer for them too. I would espacially like to thank him again and wish him all the best.
Sean January 2016

I just passed my driving test and couldn't of done it without the help of Ciaran. Excellent instructor.
I'm so grateful for the time and belief he showed in me. I would recommend A&C to anybody who wants to pass their test. Thank you Ciaran.
Stephen January 2016

I passed my driving test yesterday all thanks to the help from Ciaran. I did all my EDT lessons with him and extra lessons as well coming up to the test. He always asked if I had any questions and explained things twice or three times if I didn't understand. He is very patient and has given me such confidence in my driving. Thank you Ciaran!
Amy January 2016

Can't thank Ciaran enough for all his help. Passed my test on the first attempt yesterday and for me that is definitely down to how I was instructed. I would have been an extremely nervous driver at the start but Ciaran done a great job at helping me feel comfortable and confident in my driving. Can't recommend A&C driving school enough.
Noel December 2015

Ciarán taught me how to drive. I was a very nervous driver to begin with and never thought I would be able to drive. Ciarán's patience and professionalism helped me along to pass my test with only 3 months experience behind the wheel. He was very calm and built my confidence from the first lesson. Thanks Ciarán for all the hard work.
Fionn December 2015

Ciaran taught me to drive! I started later in life, never even having sat behind the wheel of a car in my life, so he had very little to work with. From that base of absolute nothing, Ciaran, through his guidance, patience and most of all his skills and expertise, taught me to drive a car and to pass the test! I cannot thank Ciaran enough. If you want to learn to drive Ciaran is your man, he is the man!
John November 2015

Ciaran was very professional and focused well on what matters when trying to pass your driving test. I would highly recommend Ciaran as a driving instructor.
Thanks Ciaran for helping me pass my test.
Nick November 2015

Thanks so much Ciaran! I passed my test this week. Ciaran was an excellent teacher and totally put me at ease. He was calm and friendly throughout the lessons, and explained safe driving to give me the confidence to pass.
I would recommend Ciaran to anybody learning to drive or about to do their test.
Aideen October 2015

Passed my test thanks to the help of Ciaran. Ciaran is a fantastic instructor.
He is always on time for lessons, extremely patient and you can tell he genuinely loves teaching people how to drive. He has given me a lot of confidence in my ability to drive and has taught me a skill for life. I am very grateful to Ciaran. I wou ld highly recommend him.
Raisa October 2015

Passed my test yesterday on my second go! I was an extremely nervous driver and had zero confidence. Ciaran was extremely professional and beyond helpful in every way possible and I would not have passed my test without him!
My previous instructor had no interest in my progression or the fact that I was painfully nervous, he was just there to do a job.
Where as Ciaran is 110% interested and dedicated in helping me become a competent driver. I would highly recommend him to everyone. Thanks again Ciaran!
Katie October 2015

I passed my test today on my third try! I had 4 lessons with Ciaran in the lead up to my test and he completely calmed my nerves! I was so relaxed sitting my test that I knew I had nothing to worry about on the day. I would recommend him to anyone I know, especially those who are nervous. Thanks so much Ciaran, you're a star!
Aislinn October 2015

Ciaran was fantastic! He made everything so much easier and I was able to go in to the test feeling confident. Finally I have my licence thanks to Ciaran!
Clodagh September 2015

I passed my driving test because of Ciaran. Years later, it was my husband's turn. With the two of us under his guidance and encouragement, I would definitely recommend him to everybody. He's extremely kind, very professional and full of compliments. Just the dose you need before facing this nerve-racking driving test.
Emily & Ellery September 2015

I can not reccomend Ciaran highly enough. I fFelt very comfortable and confident with him . He is so patient and calm and I couldn't have passed my test without him.
Jessica, September 2015

I highly recommend Ciaran. His clear and helpful instructions made me a very calm and comfortable driver, and I was happy to pass my test on my first attempt. Ciaran's methods and approach are really easy to follow. His focus on areas I needed to improve was very useful. Ciaran was unfailingly calm, punctual and polite through all my dealings with him. A great instructor.
Matthew August 2015

I failed my test twice before. I was never fully confident going in to them.
With Ciaran it was and felt so simple. I felt very confident in my driving afterwards and passed with no problem. I would highly recommend Ciaran.
Peter August 2015

I cannot speak highly enough of Ciarans lessons, he immediately makes you feel calm and confident and deals with any problems in the same calm and constructive way.
A large part of getting my test has been his instruction !
Alex August 2015

I went to Ciaran just 2 weeks before my first test. I had no Confidence with my driving as my first instructor gave up on me after the 5 EDT lessons because he thought I was going to ruin his car, and the second instructor did not even care to tell me the mistakes I made.
However Ciaran boosted my confidence in driving, He took the time to explain the things I needed to know in order to drive safely which helped me to correct all of my bad driving habits and got me ready for the test in just 2 weeks.
On the day of the test Ciaran helped me prepare for it and also he helped me not be nervous before the test.
I passed my test first time. I just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH for boosting my confidence, teaching me everthing I know about driving safely and believing that I can pass the test. HE IS THE BEST DRIVING TEACHER. I recommend Ciaran to everyone.
Ruth July 2015

When I came to Ciaran, I had spent years on and off learning to drive, only to give up at the same stage. I never had the confidence to drive my own car. Ciaran confidently assured me it would be different this time. Sure enough, within a few weeks, I was taking all my lessons in my own car. His calm and patient approach makes you feel at ease immediately. I have no doubt that I would not have passed my test last week without all his help. He is an excellent teacher. Thank you so much Ciaran.
Grace July 2015

Thank you so much Ciaran for all the dedication in helping me to learn to drive ! You were always around whenever I needed a listen or just needed to ask a question ! I felt I could ring you any time to ask you anything . I learnt to become a very comfortable and confident driver with you straight away due to your enthusiasm for driving . Never thought I'd pass my test so soon ! Thanks a million again.
Aoibheann July 2015

Thank you for your patience in getting me through the driving test. I would happily recommend you to anyone else looking to learn.
Ger June 2015

Ciaran can only be described as the most patient, calm and encouraging driving instructor I have ever come across. I would have never in a million years passed my test without him. He gives you great confidence through every lesson and most importantly before the test itself, as I went into the test not wanting to let him down after all the hard work he put in. I would recommend him to anybody as he was a pleasure to work with. Thanks so much for all of your time patient and help.
Aisling June 2015

Wow! Ciaran thank you so much, I never believed that I will pass my full driving Test. I never have the courage OR confidence to drive before. you taught me how to become a good driver, you are the best of the best professional driving instructor and you are very patient and calm with your work and clients . Thank you Ciaran for your good Driving lessons, I really appreciate it and l will surly recommend family and friends,
Thanks CIARAN.
Franka MAY 2015.

Ciaran - thank you for all your help. Without doubt I would not have passed the test first time without your guidance. Ciaran came highly recommended to me and I in turn could not recommend him highly enough.
Andrew April 2015

Thanks a million Ciaran.. I passed my driving test today having avoided it for years due to fear and lack of confidence.. Ciaran kept me calm and taught me so much about driving that he gave me the encouragement and confidence to go for it. Thanks Ciaran for all your patience and wonderful teaching methods. I would not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends. Thanks again Ciaran. Its one of the best days of my life.
Ann March 2015

I would just like to say a big thank youu to Ciaran for all his help. I would never have passed my driving test without you. And I passed my 1st time??
So thank you Ciaran Morrison you're simply the best
Michelle. March 2015

I would of never thought I'd past my full driving licence and i got it in one go thanks to ciaran, I'd strongly recommend him to anyone looking to drive of all sorts, thanks again.
Eric. March 2015

A huge big thank you to Ciaran after years of avoiding the driving test due to nerves I finally passed! I couldn't have done it without him he's so patient and reassuring so professional so nice. If your thinking about doing a test just do it, Ciaran will get you through it!!
Lorraine. February 2015

Ciaran not only is an incredible instructor but that of a very informative one too. After numerous attempts with previous instructors to learn manoeuvres such as "reverse around the corner" Ciaran's simple methods of breaking it down step by step enabled me to comprehend and implement instruction. A really lovely lovely person, he made me feel very comfortable in all lessons, a positive motivatator! Thank You Ciaran :)
Aly. February 2015

A big thank you for Ciaran for helping me achive very good driving skills . Really appreciate it. Helpful advices and website.
Svetlana February 2015

Many thanks to Ciaran for helping me to pass my test first time. Every lesson, he was extremely helpful, calming and made my overall driving experience very enjoyable. Ciaran also ensured that any pre test nerves I had were gone, continuously reminding me that if I focused on what I had learnt, I would pass the test. I will definitely be recommending him to my friends. Thanks again Ciaran!
Mark February 2015

I could not recommend anyone better than Ciaran to help you learn to drive and boost your confidence driving. Ciaran is very friendly person and he wants nothing more than to help you drive safely and feel comfortable on the roads. I am a very nervous person and driving was a big deal confidence wise for me. He has helped me have faith in myself each lesson. Thanks to Ciaran I have passed my test on my first attempt this morning and I am so happy and grateful for his help. I believe I could not have done it without Ciaran.
Steffi January 2015

A massive thank you to Ciarán who not only taught me my first lessons but also help me successfully pass my driving test today on first time of asking. I felt really comfortable and encouraged during Ciarán tuitons. I highly recommend Ciarán's expertise and would like to take the opportunity to thank him once again for all his efforts. Ryan January 2015

Thank you Ciaran for boosting up my confidence, your patience, calm and friendly manner really helped me a lot to pass the driving test. I would definitely recommend Ciaran, he is very knowledgeable, professional and punctual. God Bless You!
Analie November 2014

Thanks a million to Ciarán for helping me pass my test on the first attempt. He really makes you feel at ease and teaches you how to drive in a calm and supportive manner. I would highly recommend him
Aisling October 2014

A big thank you to Ciaran for helping me to pass my driving test. He's such a nice and encouraging teacher. I would definitely recommend Ciaran to my friends.
Thanks again Ciaran.
Cathy October 2014

I passed my driving test on the first attempt. A huge thanks to Ciaran. Ciaran is a very calm, pleasant and absolutely fantastic instructor. I would definitely recommend Ciaran to my friends. Thanks again Ciaran.
Tomcy September 2014

Huge thanks to Ciaran for helping me pass my driving test. Not only did Ciaran teach me enough for the test but also how to drive safely and confidently in any situation. He is both a calm and encouraging instructor and I couldn't recommend him enough. Thanks again Ciaran.
Anne September 2014

Ciaran always meets you with a smiling face and puts you immediately at ease. I was nervous to begin driving, but I became confident quite quickly with Ciaran's expert advice and calm nature. He not only prepares you for the driving test but for driving in any situation safely. I completed the EDT course with him over a few months, as well as a couple of pre-tests which were really helpful, and I am delighted to say that because of his help I passed my driving test first time around. Would recommend him to absolutely everyone. Thanks Ciaran!
Lauren September 2014

Absolutely delighted to have passed my test after lessons with Ciarán. He is the perfect driving instructor - always positive, friendly, calm, punctual, highly knowledgeable and incredibly helpful. His guidance and advice helped me to overcome bad habits as well as confidence issues that I had due to failing my test in the past. I can't fault Ciarán and will be recommending him to anyone I know.
Andrew August 2014

Many thanks to Ciaran for his patience, he sorted out lots of my bad habits. Test passed first try, I can't recommend A&C Driving School highly enough!
Alice August 2014

Just like to echo all the comments I see here about Ciaran - a nicer guy you could not meet. He was a great help to me in getting my driving test - just passed this morning. I had failed before but he brought me up to scratch pretty quickly and built up my confidence so I was ready to go again. Thanks a million Ciaran.
Cathal August 2014

It was a great journey learning with Ciaran. He is a very nice and patient teacher. I definitely recommend Ciaran to all my friends. Thank you Ciaran.
Joy August

Ciaran really helped me pass my test I had been driving on a provisional for four years and picked up some really bad habits and he managed to knock them out of me the day of my test he calmed my nerves down and gave me loads of useful advice couldn't recommend a nicer guy to help you pass thanks ciaran
Carl August 2014

I am so happy to have had Ciaran as a driving instructor as I just passed first time. He prepared me very well before my test and I felt confident going into it. I would definitely recommend A&C Driving School to others. Thanks so much for all your help Ciaran!!
Susan August 2014

I have to say that Ciaran is the best ! Thanks to his advices and lessons i ve passed my test ! He helped me by building up my confidence and encourged to do my test with no worry ! I ll kindly recommend him to anyone else ! THANKS VERY MUCH !!
Michelle July 2014

I could not recommend Ciaran more highly. I wouldn't say he thought me how to drive. But he definitely gave me the belief and confidence to help me become a better driver. I owe him a big debt of gratitude. I ended up passing my test first time and I definitely put that down to his instruction and advice.
Thank you you A&C Driving School.
I will be singing their name from the rooftops and recommending them to anybody I know who is learning to drive.
From a 33 yr old late learner..........................
Dermot July 2014

I could drive when I started lessons with Ciaran but I had failed tests previously and my confidence had suffered as a result. Ciaran was a great help to me in building up my confidence and in driving in new areas that I was previously too nervous to attempt. I passed my test last Saturday and I would have no hesitation in recommending A&C Driving School to others. Thank you Ciaran!
Martina May 2014

The day before my third attempt at my driving test I was lucky enough to be referred to Ciaran for a pre-test lesson and I am convinced his advice played a major role in getting me successfully through the test. I Wouldn't hesitate to recommend Ciaran to anyone who needs a good driving instructor!
Thanks again Ciaran!
Anne May 2014

I'm absolutely thrilled to have passed my driving test FIRST TIME thanks to Ciaran and his great teaching. I was quiet nervous about the test after putting it off numerous times. After three lessons with Ciaran, all pre-tests, I passed my test in Raheny. The Website was a huge help and cut the rules and road signs down to a manageable size. The lesson days and times were very flexible which allowed me to fix them into my busy routine. Ciaran was both calm and confident in his teaching. This in turn rubbed off on me and actually made the driving test a pleasant experience.
Thanks again Ciaran!!!
Mary T. February 2014.

I started learning to drive with Ciaran as soon as I got my provisional licence, six months ago. Ciaran is an excellent teacher, patient and calm, and taught me to drive safely and correctly. He arranged mock driving tests for me so that I could prepare very well for the real test. I passed my test today no problem at the first attempt thanks to Ciaran. I will tell all my friends to get their lessons with A&C Driving School, my wife is taking her lessons with Ciaran as well. Thank you very much Ciaran!
Blerim Dajlanaj January 2014

I done a couple of pre tests with Ciaran before doing my full test and I passed 1st time whooooo, Ciaran helped me break my bad habits after the 1st lesson he was a great instructor and I'd recommended him to anyone looking for lessons or doing pre test, thanks for all your help Ciaran :)
Donna Short September 2013

I passed my driving test in Raheny and I\'m so thankful to Ciaran for teaching me the proper way of driving patiently. I highly recommend A&C driving to the learner drivers out there. They offer the best driving school in Dublin. Again thank you so much Ciaran.
Sheryl Evardo Aug 2013

I am so happy that I decided to take driving lessons with Ciaran before taking my driving test. He was very patient and helpful and really does know how to explain and teach how to drive properly! After taking lessons from him not only did I pass my test on my Second try, my confidence in my driving has risen. I would Definitely recommend A&C Driving school to anyone learning to drive!!Thank you so much :)
Steffi Fok Aug 2013

I failed my driving test twice before I got in contact with Ciaran....I found him brilliant compared to other instructors. He was really pleasant and calm and explained everything thoroughly. He helped me to relax while driving and the morning of the test he was very accomodating to give me an early pre test. He is always available to contact for worries or issues and I would highly recommend A&C driving school to beginners and those who just need that final push over the line.
Marc Hughes July 2013

Hi, I passed my driving test first time with the help of Ciran. I would highly recommend Ciaran for either driving lessons or for pre test, he has a calming influence, patience and really knows how to teach!!!
Martina Mc Hugh June 2013

Hi it is wonderful day for me today I passed my driving test the first time. I took all my driving lessons from Ciaran. I was so nervous before that, but friends said he really has great teaching skills as I found after taking my class and during my test. Ciaran's guidance and strategy of teaching each lesson really helped me to pass my test. My friends told me about A&C driving school and it really did help me. I was naive in driving all I learnt from after taking classes from him . He is very encouraging even after my class I rang him so many times regarding my doubts, but he explained each and everything in a very professional manner.
If anybody ask me I honestly would recommend him.
Tanu Sharma June 2013

Ciaran is a wonderful driving instructor. He is flexible with his time, friendly, patient and kind. He gives great practical tips and advance for the driving test. He is very encouraging and I felt much more confident when going in for my test which I passed first time thanks to him.
I would highly recommend Ciaran to everyone. Thank you :)
Hazel Hammond June 2013

If it wasn't for Ciaran, I wouldn't have passed my driving test yesterday. Ciaran is very patient and very understanding. He is willing to help and will go over everything you need to know about driving. Ciaran will answer all questions and believe me, I asked enough haha. Ciaran is very honest and extremely encouraging. I would highly recommend Ciaran.
Shauna Byrne May 2013

Fantastic driving school, very helpful and preparation for the full test is brilliant. I passed my driving test first time thanks to Ciaran.
Eoin Smith May 2013

Hello Ciaran,are you? Just a quick message to thank you for helping me with my driving lessons. Even knowing how to drive already, you taught me about driving in a different perspective.I passed the test first time round :) Thanks again!
Lara Magi May 2013

I am feeling lucky that I choose the right person, Ciaran, as my driving instructor who help me to pass the driving test. Ciaran is a wonderful instructor with a lot of patience and great skills. He will you proper theoritical and practical knowledge to take the driving test. He is very friendly and always approachable to clear up any doubts even after the lessons. He never rushed me after the lesson hours. I highly recommend Ciaran for the first time learners and for pre-test lessons. THANK YOU SO MUCH CIARAN..........
Paul Joggy April 2013

After recently passing my test with A & C driving school I would highly recommend them due to their calm and honest approach to teaching. It also worked out being €60 cheaper than my previous instructor!!
Robert Scanlon April 2013

I passed my driving test in Tallaght with little to no marks, all thanks to Ciaran. He is a wonderful instructor who has a lot of patience. His lessons are both fun and professional. He accommodated times and dates that suited my busy college timetable. I would recommend him to any driver looking for lessons as he is brilliant! Thanks a million Ciaran!!!
Lynsey Mc Guinness April 2013

Ciaran was a great help to me in passing my driving test. His pre-tests were excellent and he passed on some simple tips to me that helped me to pass my test.
Emma WilliamsFebruary 2013

I passed my test today thanks to 4 lessons I had with Ciaran over the three weeks before the test. He corrected my bad habits without knocking my confidence and was invaluable to me in in preparing for the test. A very calm and assured instructer.
Colin Bannon February 2013

I really benefited from doing lessons with Ciaran. The lessons were really test focussed but at the same time I feel like I am properly prepared for whatever would come my way on the roads. Ciaran's lesson style is really practical and I enjoyed my lessons too. I couldn't have passed my driving test without him and I would highly recommend him to absolutely anyone.
Elanor Guiney January 2013

Ciaran came recommended to me by a friend after I failed the driving test twice. Ciaran immediately picked out where I was going wrong and simplied the whole process. After taking Ciarans instructions on board I passed the test and I could not recommend him highly enough. Thanks again Ciaran.
Sorcha December 2012

Ciaran began teaching me to drive in 2011. He was a great instructor, very patient and always kept you calm. When I decided I was ready to take the test, he helped me prepare completely. We did lessons on all the test routes and he went through every single question the tester could possibly ask me. I have a full licence now and I would highly recommend Ciaran as an instructor. He is extremely patient, a great teacher and very knowledgable. Thanks Ciaran!
Laura Colgan December 2012

Happy day!!! and all thanks to A & C driving school. I highly recommend any one who is looking to get their full license with in a shortest period of time to to this school.
Jaxton Kizito November 2012

Ciaran was an excellent instructor and definately passed the test for me. A&C was much better than my last driving school. Thanks again Ciaran!
Jordan Corrigan November 2012

I am very grateful to Andrew for assisting and teaching me in preparation for my driving test last week...Luckily and Thank God I made it. Your website taught me a lot of things and it's really beneficial for learners...I will definitely recommend it to my friends in the future..Thanks Andrew..continue helping people in the road..God bless!
Virgie Garcia November 2012

I am driving grateful to Andrew and Ciaran for helping me to pass my driving test and I would highly recommend their driving school.
Sinéad Baily November 2012

I'm very grateful to Andrew and Ciaran who made my driving experience very comfortable. Andrew and Ciaran are both excellent instructors, very calm and relaxed approach to teaching. I started my driving lessons with Andrew who doesn't put you under any pressure and is good at reassuring you when you have had a bad lessons. He reviews your progress at the end of each lesson, which is helpful, so you know what areas you need to concentrate. Andrew is thoroughly professional and very friendly instructor. His patient tuition and hard work has allow me to pass my driving test., yeah on the 8th of October 2012 I received my Certificate of Competency. I was so delighted and very happy that i dont have to do it again, its a great achievement:-) Andrew's advice, sense of humor and relaxed style of instruction was very beneficial to me and therefore I would highly recommend this instructor to you and A&C Driving School, they have a loads to share, loads of experience and very supportive. Again many thanks for everything., you guys rock!!:-) Keep up the good work, thank you so much:-)
Sewanee Hoorpah October 2012

Passed my driving test on the first go, all thanks to Ciaran. He is a great driving instructor and really put me at ease in every lesson. He gave me great support and boosted my confidence substantially. I'll be recommending him to all my friends who are going to start to learn how to drive. Thanks again Ciaran
Sean Moran October 2012

Just passed my test (first time!) with flying colours! Couldn't have done it without the advice, tips, patience and knowledge of Ciaran and Andrew. They are both really supportive and would give you all the time in the world to explain procedures and talk you through maneuvers. I highly recommend them!
Ciara Murphy October 2012

I'm very grateful to Ciaran and Andrew for all their assistance and expert advice over the last few months. I passed my driving test this week (October 1st) at the first time of asking and it was a real weight off my shoulders to finally get the certificate of competency. Ciaran's knowledge of the potential test routes around Finglas was invaluable and in fact the reverse procedure that I was asked to complete during the test was the very same one I had practised an hour earlier with Ciaran. He also offered some excellent suggestions on the initial corners out of the test centre and these all helped to settle me down especially on a rainy afternoon with a lot of cars on the road. I've already recommended A&C Driving School to two people and would gladly do so again in future. Thanks a million,
Jonathan Duggan October 2012

I want to extend a huge thank-you to Ciaran for his excellent tuition, endless patience and encouraging words! I failed the test the first time 7 years ago, intended to do the test again but kept putting it off. With no car to drive in the intervening years, I was almost back to beginner stage (and riddled with anxiety!!) when I first started lessons with Ciaran just prior to last Christmas. Anyway, just to say that I PASSED the test last Saturday and I have no doubt that it was all down to Ciaran. So thank you, Ciaran. I will recommend you to everyone that I meet going forward. Best Wishes,
Sharon O'Sullivan September 2012

I just passed my driving test for the first time with the help from Andrew. I would highly recommend A&C driving school.
Megan Byrne Sept 2012

I started to drive in September 2011 and took my 12 lessons with Ciaran. I really enjoyed them, he's a great instructor and thought me the safe way to drive. Even though I was not driving long I applied for my test and took some pre-tests with A and C Driving which really prepared me for the test. So happy that I passed my test yesterday all down to Ciaran. Thanks so much.
Hazel Croker :) July 2012

A very big thank you to Ciaran for helping me through that daunting driving test. His attention to detail really help me focus. He covered every aspect of the driving test including asking questions and road signs. He gave reasons for everything that could be asked during the test. I passed first time and would recommend him to all my friends as an excellent instructor. Thanks again Ciaran.
Dan June 2012

I would like to give a big thanks to both Ciaran and Andrew who helped me pass my driving test first time. Ciaran you were a brilliant instuctor and always put me at ease. You are very patient and encouraging. Even when I had finished my driving lessons, you were great when I need some advice about my driving, I could always call you. Thank you to Andrew also who did a mock driving test with me, it was very useful. I would definatley reccommend A&C, to anybody. They are very reasonably priced and also very professional. I am very grateful, a big thanks once again.
Anita Raj Kumar May 2012

Ciaran, I got my pink licence this week :) I had done my test a number of times and was about to give up...Then a colleague of mine gave me Ciaran's number. During my lessons he showed great patience and guidance throughout. BIG THANKS TO CIARAN AND A&C. I couldnt have done without your great skills. I enjoyed every lesson and would highly recommend you.
Nicole May 2012

I got in touch with Ciaran through his brother Fiachra with whom I had taken one lesson. I found both of them very helpful not only on driving but also to increase your cofidence levels. They were very professional and had a very good attitude, I would recomend anybody to take lessons with them with no doubt. I wish them all the best and thanks very much for getting me through the test.
Shalau John May 2012

Andrew, I passed the driving test today. Thank you so much for your support. Your TEACHING skill is GREATLY APPRECIATED. You just simply pinpointed those areas where I am lacking and I worked on it which yields a good result with ONLY THREE LESSONS. Thanks once again,
Rajeev May 2012

Thanks so much to Andrew for all the help, I passed my test on Friday, second try and DELIGHTED! I feel like a such a competent driver and it's all down to the great approach Andrew took teaching me. Took my first solo drive over the weekend and it was one of the best moments of my life, I'm so grateful :)
Carla April 2012

A big thanks to Ciaran Morrison - I passed my driving test on first attempt. Took 3 pre-tests in the days running up to the test and the experience I built up during these proved invaluable on the day. Ciaran's help and guidance throughout was next to none and I'd recommend anyone looking to pass their test to book lessons here!
Roddie April 2012

passed my driving test this week on my first try all thanks to Andrew. He is very professional and helped with my confidence. He fully prepared me for my test and gave me loads of little tips that were very helpful on the day. I will now go back to Andrew for motorways and parallel parking. I would highly recommend Andrew to anyone starting to drive and for pre-test as well. I am very greatful for your help. Thank you :)
Sharon April 2012

I want to thank you Andrew, you are the best instructor in the world. I passed my driving test today with flying colors I am very happy. Thank you very much.
Christina Mar 2012

Andrew, Thank you very much for helping me pass my driving test! The best part I like about you is you are professional and practical; your tips worked out well on the day of test that helped me pass my exam. I would highly recommend you to anyone preparing for their driving test. Thanks again.
Yalka Feb 2012

I came to see Ciaran after I failed my first driving test. He really made me a better driver and within 2 months I passed my test. I found the driving school the best out of all the companies I received lessons from. He helped me become a safe and confident driver and I was given excellent lessons giving you experience of most things the Irish roads can throw at you and all questions I asked were answered excellently. They have a great knowledge of driving and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thanks a million for everything.
Eoin January 2012

I thank Andrew very much for helping me pass the test last thursday. in which he showed me how to be confident in driving with the tester and to be confident on how you drive is the hardest before you can say to yourself a good driver,,,,to have it ask help to andrew and a bigger % to aim what you want......
Astudillo Jan 2012

I passed my test first time this morning in Finglas, having started out as a nervous and unsure driver. I could not have accomplished this without the professional and skilled guidance offered by Ciarán. I am extremely grateful and would recommend him highly as he not only builds confidence in your abilities through careful and thorough explanation, but helps you ditch bad habits by explaining to you exactly why they are bad and how you can fix them. An excellent teacher, thanks Ciarán!
Áoibheann 27 Jan 2012

Andrew, A massive thank you for helping me pass my driving test! You were highly recommended to me and I would have no hesitation in highly recommending you to anyone preparing for their driving test. Thanks again, I'm ecstatic!
Jean O'Brien Jan 2012

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